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A multibillion-birr capital project owner Ashewa Technology Solution S.C is started by the visionary entrepreneur Daniel Bekele and his 5 friends in May 2020 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ashewa Technology Solution is a legal entity registered under the Trade Registration and Licensing Act to operate in accordance with Ethiopian law and regulations. And it is being the most valuable technology brand working on E-commerce, e-learning, Logistics, smart software as a service and demand-based software development and totally 11 technological sectors.

What the term “Ashewa” entails?

One, it only alludes to the element most vital to human civilization. It's amazing how rarely we consider the fact that sand, along with water and air, is one of the most used natural resources. In reality, the history of sand is the history of civilization because it is the foundation of all human development.

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Let's Build Digital Ethiopia!

The money you have saved is losing its value!
Be quiick to invest it in a business with sustainable profit. That's where Ashewa comes in. We work as a team so you can get back your money's worth and become part of an iconic journey of revolutionizing African commerce, improving living standard of fellow Africans and ultimately eradicating poverty.

Buy a share and join our African and diaspora communities to build an innovative, collaborative and people-centered company in Africa.

Share Information

Total authorised
share for sell
400,000 share
Share price
per value
2,500 ETB
Minimum share
tobe purchased [20]
in birr 50,000 ETB
Maximum share
tobe purchased
in birr
100,000,000 ETB
Plus 5%
service charge
Down payment
The rest payment
in 1 year

Ashewa Share Sales Progress

2 Billion

Total share in birr

in stock

Total share in stock

200 Million

Sold share in birr

in stock

Sold share in stock

1.8 Billion

Remain share in birr

in stock

Remain share in stock

Why you invest in Ashewa Technology Solution (ATS) SC?

You are making an investment in a bussiness that is already up and running. Your return on investment as a result is quick.

You will receive a good return on investment because you are investing in the quickly expading sector of commerce.

You will receive a return on investment of Up to 31% annually, which is much greater than investing in other sectors.

Smart Technologies

Smart Tech
Smart Tech
Smart Tech

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We are thrilled to announce that Ashewa Technology Solution Share Company has been invited by Mint/Ministry of Innovation and Technology - ICT Park's top management to collaborate with them.

Keywords: Ashewa Technology Solution, Mint/Ministry of Innovation and Technology, ICT Park, collaboration, state-of-the-art technologies, innovative, inclusive, software solutions, Ethiopian professionals, domestic products, accessibility, democratizing software, branch in Kenya, e-commerce platform... Read more


Invest in Ashewa Technology Share Company: Smart Solutions for Smart Investors

Invest in Ashewa Technology Share Company and join the smart investors benefiting from our innovative projects in the booming tech sector. With a proven track record and a focus on high returns, we offer a 50% benefit on project-based investments. Our diverse portfolio includes ecommerce, smart ERP,... Read more

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Currently we have arround 4 jobs available on different positions!

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Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce & Sectorial Associations

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Eshetu Melese


ATS Ashewa technology solution S.C is determined to build sustainable change and an economy that is vital to me, you, Ethiopians and Africans. ATS


Kaleab Hailu

Shekela Kana TV host & General Manager at Gorilla Media and Communication

ATS I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the services I received from Ashewa Technology Solutions. They adhered to the agreed schedule, offered reasonable prices, and maintained professionalism and courtesy throughout our dealings. Thanks to them, I now have an excellent e-commerce site for my products, and my revenue has seen a significant increase. I will definitely utilize their services again. ATS


Abeba Belachew

General Manager, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

ATS Since starting my practice in April 2022, we had been struggling to create a functional website. However, after hiring the Ashewa tech team, they worked closely with us, staying on task, budget, and timeline. Their quick and courteous responses were greatly appreciated. I highly recommend their services. ATS



Owner and General Manager, Fana Cafe, Kids, and Restaurant

ATS We extend our gratitude to Ashewa Technology Solutions for their exceptional assistance in developing our company's restaurant e-commerce website. The entire team was professional, hardworking, and delivered outstanding results. Thanks to them, we were able to achieve our goals on time. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Ashewa Tech in the future. Their best services, affordable prices, and timely deliveries make them our preferred choice. I am a proud user of Ashewa's server, domain name, and website builder, and I highly recommend their all-in-one business solution package. ATS


Biniyam Solomon

Owner and General Manager, Vellum Media and Communication

ATS We express our gratitude to Ashewa Technology Solutions for their remarkable work in developing our company website, Vellumpost.com. Their exceptional after-sales service and understanding have made the experience even better. Thanks to them, we now have a professional and visually appealing website that perfectly represents our casting company. We look forward to future projects with Ashewa Tech. I strongly recommend their services. ATS


Alehegn Tefera

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

ATS Simply put, Ashewa is Ethiopian Silicon Valley. It has been proving that ashewa.com is become African amazon. and now, it is working on state of the art and cutting edge smart technologies that makes it the first tech company in the country providing wide range of SaaS systems. Investing and working with Ashewa is one of the best experience in my life. ATS


Daniel Henok

Marketing and Communication Manager

ATS This is the time for technology. Technology defines this time. And Ashewa is paving a way for all Ethiopians in the country and the Diasporas to own a company that is built on this timely technological treasure. ATS

Ashewa Social Movement


Blood Donation

Our company kept its promise and show its heartfelt support for Ethiopian national defence force (ENDF) and victims of the war by donating blood...Read more


Genan Kewegene Gar

This movement has started to support displaced people, because of the war in the northern parts of Ethiopia...Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Absolutely, Ashewa is a legally registered company under the Trade Registration and Licensing Act 980/2008 to operate under Ethiopian law and regulations since 13/03/2013 E.C. Ashewa was established by the memorandum of association signed on 06/02/2013 E.C. Ashewa is working under intensive follow up, supervisor and control from government. Mainly we are regulated by trade and investment minster.

  • Return on investment (ROI) directly measures the amount of return on a particular investment, relative to the investment’s cost. To calculate ROI, the benefit (or return) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment. Currently, Ashewa’s return on investment is 25%. And this number will grow to 45% after five years, while the dividends of Ashewa will be 61%.

  • Ambitious? Yes. Unrealistic NO!

    We are completely aware about the ambition of our plan. But as the permanence feature of the world is increasingly diminished and replaced by permanent change. uncertainty and liquidity becomes especially relevant for us because, Ashewa is working to build a company that lasts for 300 years. This seems ungraspable or out of reach, considering the uncertainty we are facing. yet, this brings us to a certain point. i.e. (In a time of constant change the effective way to grasp and own something of a quality, knowledge, skill or system is only through a constant update of oneself and the world around that self. )

    It’s true, Building a lasting company is not easy. Let alone building a company that lasts for 300 years. But there are things to live by. ‘Ashewa’s definitive’ we call them. These are principles, ultimate values that define the essence of our company and its long lasting impact.

  • Ashewa’s founding members are highly educated with a diverse background and expertise. They have experience working in different parts of the world with the giant tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft companies and Jumia to mention a few.

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