Company Overview

Founding Story

Born and raised in Shewa-Robit a town in north central Ethiopia, Daniel has got the access to actively engage in the market from an early age. The town is best known for its active trade practices, which gives him a chance to intimately engage in the process of transaction.

This coupled with the fact that he come from a farmer and merchant family has resulted in him being grown to be a very fond of the market & many would say he excelled in the market.

But for Daniel, what resonates more was the community that has come together around the market with strong binding values. Those people were trusting, dependable and real hard working folks, who genuinely believe in each other and in the market.

The faith and trust those communities instilled in him at such a young age is a motive he holds up today, to live up to his highest potentials, because their unbreakable faith has created a real sense of belonging in him. He inherited that unwavering trust and brings it to Ashewa abundantly, and builds a company, a team and a community based on that value.

Yet, despite making a lot of money for his age, it didn’t take him a long time to understand the limitation in the local trade. Most of the trade activity was limited to labour, short distance and small networks which makes it difficult to upscale and exhausting at the same time. A problem identified in most parts of the country at the time.

He quickly realized that there is a lack of infrastructure and reliable system. And this realization got him into a thorough journey. A journey that involves a lot of reading, traveling, and training filled with trail and failure. Before settling on E-commerce he has gotten in to different online business ventures. Of the things he gathers from the ineffective online business in Ethiopia, lack of reliable payment system, and a limited digital access are the main points.

However the actual turning point of his pursues was his experience in Jumia, Kenya. After working and studying in neighbouring Kenya, Daniel come back to Ethiopia, this time with a solution, a solution that attempts to transform trade and market transaction in Ethiopia as well as in Africa.

Then he founded Ashewa PLC, an E-commerce platform. The new platform has demonstrated a high performance in a very short time, in 8 months to be specific. The performance was 88% higher than other e-commerce platforms in Ethiopia. The high performance proofs that there is a high demand and huge potential for digital economy. What was lost was a reliable and organized platform. Its right there Ashewa decides to be a share company and invest a huge resource in order to solve real Ethiopian problems through large scale technological solutions.


Initially Ashewa Technology Solution S.C was founded by the young visionary, Daniel Bekele and his 5 friends in May 2020 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Currently Ashewa has a total of 12 Board members, hundreds of shareholders and 52 trained professionals.

And we take our story to be a story of resilience, because Ashewa is born out of a dire need for change. We make it our own purpose to create the platform for young talents. We intend to put an end for poverty, migration and death. In our time the youth should no more lost on the desert in search of a better life.

INSTEAD we choose to nurture innovation, water talents, empower individual and discover potentials through various means such us job creation, training, E-learning and collaboration, so that we build the future together.

Ashewa is paving a path for technological breakthrough, a breakthrough that establishes the structure for transformational economy. By that we mean we are reclaiming our ancient heritages and economical victory through what we call technological resilience and transformational leadership.

Why Us?

What drive us?

As a company that strives to bring the change it wants to see ‘What leads to a life of impact and purpose?’ is one of the questions we ask more often here.

We have a purpose driven professionals, who are concerned about their legacy. We are a group of different people that comes together for the same noble cause, changing society for the better. As pioneers we are in a mission to change the world. And as a giver we want to engage in a venture that directly improves the life of others.

Pulling the youth out of unemployment

Despite the time we live in and the immense economic opportunity the digital age provides, Many Ethiopians still struggle to put food on a table. Many leave their home to feed their family. Those who seek a better life risked their safety and dignity.

High rate of Unemployment, under employment and poor working condition fuels the search for an escape route. But it was never easy; many have died on their way to Europe. Many have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea along with their dream for a better life. Some unfortunates fail into the most heartless terrorist groups. Even the ones who make it to Europe are prone to a lot of problems related with legality and identity.

Statics show that ‘Unemployment and underemployment continued to be serious social problems in Ethiopia despite some improvements in recent years. With around 50 per cent of the urban population between age 15 and 30 unemployed, Ethiopia has one of the highest unemployment rates worldwide’.

But, we don’t have to live like this. We don’t have to flee our country for a better life and vanished in the air. We shouldn’t live under humiliation either. What we should do is come together to build our own empire in our own land, because together we are stronger.

Despite what we have been through, the strength in our sprit and the resilience we inherited is powerful, unyielding and will always overcome. And here in Ashewa we are committed to build something greater than ourselves. We are here to provide solutions for our people and to improve the living condition of our community. So that people have the opportunity to work and live a better life in their own country.

If not us, who? If not today, when?

Our customers choose Ashewa, because we always prioritize them and never compromise the quality of our service. Yet more than that, it’s our purpose driven intention to change people’s life for the better and to do it today with the resources we have, essentially counts and resonates in people’s heart. And actually, we believe that’s what sets us apart. And since we are talking about a lasting impact, let’s see what other thing Ashewa has in its store.

Well, Ashewa is setting a new trend. TRUE! It’s challenging the status quo. ALSO TRUE! But the actual good news is, this new trend highly relies on research, collaboration, people and professionalism. And that is the very reason people trust in us, while we trust in Tech.

The term ‘Ashewa’ entails?

Another thing we love to talk about here in Ashewa is our name and the value it entails. And the term Ashewa embodies a twofold significance.

One it simply refers to the most crucial substance of human civilization. It’s fascinating how we don’t think about it more often but sand is one of the most consumed natural resource after water and air. In fact the story of sand is a story of civilization because the whole humanity and its advancement are built upon it.

‘Every concrete building and paved road on Earth, every computer screen and silicon chip, is made from sand (Ashewa). From Egypt's pyramids to the Hubble telescope, from the world's tallest skyscraper to the sidewalk below it, from Chartres' stained-glass windows to your iPhone, sand shelters us, empowers us, engages us, and inspires us. It's the ingredient that makes possible our cities, our science, our lives–and our future.’

Yes, sands has been continuously used to build an entire civilization and plays a crucial role in sustaining the very existence, but if we never put them together in the first place we couldn’t be able to see what their sums would bring to life. Yeah, as far as it sounds humanity would have missed an accomplishment so fascinating, a statue, and a world full of wonder. Their significance lies in their very nature to form alliance.*a concrete*

Here is to say, by deciding to name our company ‘Ashewa’ which is the Amharic equivalent of sand we are paying a tribute to this particular quality of a collaboration sprit and envision the distinct feature it embraces. Now you know what Ashewa embraces right? Yeah, Ashewa embraces utter collaboration and team work.

The second fold is more of a strategy and impact inclined term and in this particular regard ASHEWA stands for ‘Association Strategically for Higher and Easygoing Wealth in Africa’.

The colours in Ashewa…?

Our logo is a combination of green, yellow and red. The green colour makes a symbol of love: and in yellow and Red People in the community are seen working hard and looking up to heights. This is an indication of when we are moving forward together, victory takes care of itself.

The Journey

Ashewa Technology solution S.C is established to bring innovative solutions to the existing problems. It plays a significant role to fight against poverty, through making a significant contribution to the country’s GDP. Pioneering in E-commerce, E-learning, E-payment and logistics Ashewa is legally registered to operate in a total of eleven technological sectors.

Ashewa allocates its highest investment of 160 million birr to the highly anticipated E-commerce platform, is officially LAUNCHED on October 19th 2021 and it aims to simplify global market chain for local business and transactions.

It’s with the utmost delight we tell you that, Ashewa moves with innovation and rely on young talents to make a significant, lasting and holistic contribution to the fight we have against poverty. We earnestly believe that ‘whoever has the youth has the future’. And that’s why we work to mobilize the youth.

Ashewa is building the system and creating the platform that potentially plays the vital role in ensuring a stable and sustainable digital economy in Ethiopia. A year in to its establishment, Ashewa manages to mobilize a huge resource, and continues to actively engage in a real, large-scale technological transformation.

Less than two years into its establishment Ashewa Technology already manages to mobilize a huge resource and potential. In fact one of its first creations has been officially launched and started operation on October 19, 2021.

Ashewa Technology has sold more than 180 million birr worth of share with a total of 12 Board members, hundreds of shareholders and 52 trained professionals. As a company that started operating with only two people, The GM and his Assistant, in a very limited space and limited resource, what we have accomplished to date is a testimony of how far we are going to go.

Since its foundation, Ashewa has built a massive niche and group of people, when that comes to down that niche helps Ashewa to obtains a total of over 4 million monthly official visitors in its marketplace,, and other social media channels that the company runs and operates by itself.