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Ashewa E-commerce is an online one stop commerce service provided by Ashewa technology Solution Sc. Our service is designed to make selling and buying easy, affordable, and reliable, by directly connecting customers with wholesalers without involving unnecessary middlemen. Our platform has on boarded over above 3000 venders supplying more than 6,700 product types to our 100,000 monthly visitors.

Ashewa E-commerce is an online one stop commerce service provided by Ashewa technology Solution Sc. Our service is designed to make selling and buying easy, affordable, and reliable, by directly connecting customers with wholesalers without involving unnecessary middlemen. Our platform has on boarded over 3,200 venders supplying more than 6,700 product types to our 100,000 monthly visitors. As supplementary to our ecommerce, we are providing a logistic service to deliver our customers’ online order to their door.

Our Main Service

Shopping Services: is a single shop window, relieving shoppers from making long journeys to physical market places and the search for the products of their demand. We provide range of products with alternative suppliers for your single shopping needs, ensuring that you make your desired purchase at reasonable price.

To make purchase on our e-commerce, you simply browse our products catalogues, select product of your choice, place your order and make payment while you are on our platform or up on receiving your order. Our e-commerce is equipped with online payment modalities through integration with digital financial service providers such as tele-birr, in addition to our Cash on delivery, debit card and bank transfer payment options.

Delivery Services:

Our delivery service is designed to make your shopping convenient from home or work of place. Once we received your purchase order, our delivery service will pick and drop your products at your door within 24-48 hours (based on your delivery time preference) you place your purchase order. All you need to do is to relax and wait for the arrival of your purchased products on time.

eStore Service:

Our E-store service provides Merchants an online store to showcase their products and enable them to access markets that would have been unreachable due to inconvenience in the physical market place. As Merchant trading on our platform, E-store service enables you to display your product, promote your offerings and benefit from the simplicity of our vending service that makes transaction convenient for shoppers.

Venders on our platform will take the advantage of our inventory & stock management service to avoid market lost due to inadequate level of inventory and lower stock management cost by assisting you to make reorders at possible optimal time.

In addition, we provide well organized market information that assists merchants to make informed business decisions. Merchants on our platform will be provided with real-time transaction information on daily base, as well as organized market information at their convenience.

About | Online shopping platform

A marketplace where buyers and sellers are DIRECTLY connected!!

Ashewa Technology Solution S.C/ATS S.C/ owns and operates The platform's major mission is to HELP SMEs/SMALL BUSINESS and to make shopping EASY, affordable, and reliable by connecting customers directly with manufacturers without the use of unnecessary middlemen. facilitates D2C/ DIRECT-to-CUSTOMER transactions with a wide range of domestic and international buyers and suppliers, as well as their various products and categories. It is an END-TO-END marketplace that enables the shipment and delivery of packages from sellers to consumers and a payment service that speeds up transactions between parties.

Our Vision

By generating value through entrepreneurship and innovation, contributes to society. It is customer-focused, and the program is for those who want to live a more easygoing and happier life while simultaneously contributing to their communities by conducting business whenever and wherever they desire. It aspires to be the most significant trading platform in the world, serving millions of buyers and sellers.

It comes up with:

Seller web app
Buyer website
Our Vision


Our vision is to be Africa's most customer-centric virtual marketplace, [where our customers can easily, affordably, and reliably find and shop anything they desire].


We revolutionize African commerce! By:

Make the market system reliable, affordable and easy.

Make an impactful intervention in transforming the informal commercial activities to regular, legal and profitable businesses.

Create a system that promotes the Digital Ethiopia and support the partnership and collaboration between the government, private institutions, and the local and diaspora community.

Make the life of our society easy, advanced and modernized.

Establish a better business environment by eliminating unnecessary chains. Reducing inflation and enabling buyers to access products and services from the vendors.

Create a market place where customers can get satisfying, easy, and reliable source of products and services.


Our goal is to connect rural areas to major cities, Ethiopia to the rest of the world, and the rest of the world to Ethiopia, as well as to create an economically integrated, empowered, and self-sufficient generation.


  • Customer-centric
  • Moving fast
  • Innovation
  • Hard work
  • Impact
  • Credibility

Our promise to our customers

Consistently deliver innovative and credible customer experience.


Ashewa Technology solutions through plans to generate revenue via these services and earnings.

Profit-sharing Membership Program

Earning revenue from membership fees that members pay to get access to multiple benefit programs.

Ashewa is a pioneer global virtual marketplace to fully allocate its incomes on social programs. Furthermore, comes up with solutions to solve real problems with a brand-new model known as Profit Sharing Membership Program (PSMP) for its lifetime subscription members.

This makes Ashewa unique in the sector to distribute its profits to customers. It shows Ashewa cares for society and its social responsibility from the early beginning. Profit-Sharing Membership Program (PSMP) provides a long-lasting remedy to address the economic problems of Ethiopians and Africans.

Transaction fee /Commission

Incurring revenue through commission when the transaction takes place at These transaction fees are subject to sales of products or services in the marketplace.


This monetization program merely focuses on gaining revenue from various advertisement services that the marketplace provides.


It is making revenue from various Supplier payments for the necessary tools and to sell their product or service on our platform. We have three subscription programs; Lifetime subscription, yearly subscription and monthly (1/2 year) subscription.

Trade Assurance Fee

Earning income from insurance premiums; Trade assurance is a built-in protection service that covers orders placed on paid through our website. It protects the buyer in the occasion that the supplier's ship on time or the product quality differs from what has been agreed upon. When charges transaction fees it is only for trade assurance.

Cancelation /Penalty

It is making revenue from cancellation fees when gets advanced and numerous transactions happen on it, Ashewa will start this monetization program. When users order something and want to change the order or replace the product, then there will be a cancellation fee or penalty.

Targets of

  • Supporting more than 3,000,000.00 SMEs to sell their products and services on the platform.
  • Helping more than 1,000,000.00 additional jobs created through SMEs business transaction.
  • Generating revenue of 500,000,000.00 ETB in annual basis from the platform.

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