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  • Absolutely, Ashewa is a legally registered company under the Trade Registration and Licensing Act 980/2008 to operate under Ethiopian law and regulations since 13/03/2013 E.C. Ashewa was established by the memorandum of association signed on 06/02/2013 E.C. Ashewa is working under intensive follow up, supervisor and control from government. Mainly we are regulated by trade and investment minster.

  • Return on investment (ROI) directly measures the amount of return on a particular investment, relative to the investment’s cost. To calculate ROI, the benefit (or return) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment. Currently, Ashewa’s return on investment is 25%. And this number will grow to 45% after five years, while the dividends of Ashewa will be 61%.

  • Ambitious? Yes. Unrealistic NO!

    We are completely aware about the ambition of our plan. But as the permanence feature of the world is increasingly diminished and replaced by permanent change. uncertainty and liquidity becomes especially relevant for us because, Ashewa is working to build a company that lasts for 300 years. This seems ungraspable or out of reach, considering the uncertainty we are facing. yet, this brings us to a certain point. i.e. (In a time of constant change the effective way to grasp and own something of a quality, knowledge, skill or system is only through a constant update of oneself and the world around that self. )

    It’s true, Building a lasting company is not easy. Let alone building a company that lasts for 300 years. But there are things to live by. ‘Ashewa’s definitive’ we call them. These are principles, ultimate values that define the essence of our company and its long lasting impact.

  • Ashewa’s founding members are highly educated with a diverse background and expertise. They have experience working in different parts of the world with the giant tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft companies and Jumia to mention a few.

  • The highest investment of 160 million ETB is allocated for the E-commerce platform While Logistics took up 20 million ETB, E-learning 10 million ETB and E-payment 10 million ETB

  • Ashewa Technology Solution S.C adheres to the principle of growth, so ultimately what our company envisions is to become an iconic, impactful and leading Tech company in Africa. Through constantly updating ourselves, trusting the power of innovation as well as education and research we intend to create a wealthy future for our country and opportunity for the youth.

  • There are many features about us that make us stand out from the crowd. The first one is real commitment to our vision, the second one is moving fast and the third is cooperation. We are a highly committed organization. There is no coming back to that, so we don’t compromise the big future instant pleasure. Every day, our purpose driven team pushes the boundary to reach their highest potential, challenges the status quo and tame the spirit of creativity while cultivating the culture of cooperation and team work.

  • Ashewa has increasingly expanded its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts and prioritized building a positive social and environmental impact into its business model. Ashewa technology solutions has been participating and taking the initiative in humanitarian activities and it is a socially responsible company. Hence the main involvements in social movements are "Demén lewogené" blood donation program, "Genan ke wegené gar" humanitarian action and in helping and sponsoring social events “Ené negn Mefthew" event are some examples.

  • Glad you ask, because this topic is a soft spot for us and we love to talk about it, as we believe our visions and missions originated from our name, what Ashewa as a name entails is very important. This is a company established to bring a significant contribution to the economy, the nation and the people. So we choose our name carefully and made it tailored to our vision and goals.

    The term ashewa entails a two fold significance.

    One, it simply refers to the most crucial substance of human civilization. It’s fascinating how we don’t think about it more often but sand is one of the most consumed natural resource after water and air. In fact the story of sand is a story of civilization because the whole humanity and its advancement are built upon it. But the significance lies in their very nature to Form alliance and cooperation.

    So by deciding to name our company ‘Ashewa’ which is the Amharic equivalent of sand we are paying a tribute to this particular quality of a collaboration sprit and envision the distinct feature it embraces. Now you know what Ashewa embraces right? Yeah, Ashewa embraces utter collaboration and team work.

    The second fold is more of a strategy and impact inclined term and in this particular regard ASHEWA stands for ‘Association Strategically for Higher and Easygoing Wealth in Africa’.

  • Pulling the youth out of unemployment is one of Ashewa’s missions, plus Ashewa sets a goal to create five million millionaires by 2030. With the light of that Ashewa works together with the youth for the youth. Because we believe ‘whoever has the youth has the future’.

    Among our first projects that aim to create employment opportunity for the youth, ‘the job for all’ project that is launched on February and now actively hiring while providing training for the recruiters is worth mentioning. Job for all is a seven million ETB project that provides job opportunity for the youth and internet users.

  • The minimum amount of Share a person can buy is 4, the amount of one stock is 2500. So the total cost for the minimum amount of share is 10,000 birr plus 5% service charge. The maximum amount of share a person can buy is 40,000 stocks, so the total cost of the maximum amount is 100 million birr. There is no service charge for the maximum amount of share. Because we have prepared a different investor package and investors who invest more than 10 million birr don’t pay service charge.

  • Ashewa Technology solution S.C is established to bring innovative solutions to the existing problems. It plays a significant role to fight against poverty, through making a significant contribution to the country’s GDP. Pioneering in E-commerce (, the company will launch soon the rest technology sectors it is going to engage in. the 11 sectors include;

    • E-commerce
    • E-learning
    • Logistics and shipment
    • E-payment/obirr
    • Media and entertainment
    • Cloud computing
    • Innovation and invention center
    • Ashewa social
    • Insurance
    • SE Technology
    • AI Technology
  • As a company that strives to bring the change it wants to see ‘What leads to a life of impact and purpose?’ is one of the questions we ask more often here.

    We have a purpose driven professionals, who are concerned about their legacy. We are a group of different people that comes together for the same noble cause, changing society for the better. As pioneers we are in a mission to change the world. And as a giver we want to engage in a venture that directly improves the life of others.

  • Our strategies include a focus on

    • Driving user growth and engagement
    • Empowering business to facilitate digital transformation and improve operational efficiency; and
    • Continues improvement and innovation
  • Today, Ashewa’s stocks are being sold for 2500 each and after five years they will cost 25000 each, a 500% increase to the initial value. Currently, Ashewa’s return on investment is 25%. And this number will grow to 45% after five years, while the dividends of Ashewa will be 61%.

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