Together, Let's build digital Ethiopia!

Why Ashewa Share?

Buy a share today and own the future in your hand.
There are plenty of reasons to invest on Ashewa.
  • First and foremost Ashewa holds the future.
  • Two it has the highest return on investment and
  • Three well, it means you are taking part in a company that initiates a better, solid and innovative solution for our country.
  • Plus the sector is growing dramatically. In fact there is no such sector that grows as fast as the digital economy. And Contrary to popular opinion and practical experience Ashewa already starts operation and sold out 65% of the share. Buying a share also meant supporting the pioneer indigenous technology company. And the good news is you can find Ashewa’s Share anywhere.

About Ashewa Share Sales

The sale of Ashewa share starts at the price of 2,500 birr per stock with a 5% service charge. A person can buy a minimum of 4 stocks which is 10,000 birr with 500 birr for the service charge. The maximum share a person can buy is 40,000 shares which mean 100 million birr. I.e. if a person buys the minimum, 4 stocks, the payment will be 10,000.

If a person buys the maximum, it will be 40,000 × 2,500 birr and its price will be 100 million birr. The minimum amount to be paid is 10,000.00. You will pay 25% in advance within 2 years of signing the contract. When you buy a founding member stock, you will be receiving a 20% profit for three consecutive years and will be awarded various prizes. Special opportunities are offered for investors who have invested more than 10 million birr.

  • Promised shares must be paid in full before the due date.
  • You can buy the shares from all banks:
  • Distribution of profits will start from 2014 as decided by the General Assembly.


  • You are required to bring a copy of their renewed ID/passport or driver’s license.
  • Diaspora Ethiopians are required to send a passport or a copy of their Yellow card.
  • Those who buy directly in abroad can pay using Swift code, Visa Card or Master card on the account opened in the association’s name.
  • If it is a power of attorney, legal power of attorney paperwork must be attached.
  • People who buy stock for children need a birth certificate and the ID of the person buying the stock.
  • You can deposit the money by coming to our office, sending a receipt and a clear photo of your country of origin.
  • You will receive a certificate of ownership upon the receipt of the form and the receipt of your purchase.