Our Vision

Ecommerce logistics, sometimes referred to as e-logistics, is the process an ecommerce brand uses to get an order out the door and into the hands of the customer. After shoppers make an online purchase, the order is packed, shipped, delivered, and, in some cases, returned.

Although this process differs for every company, the ecommerce logistics of an online store includes several components. Ecommerce logistics is a complex multi-step process. Each component is reliant on the others and ecommerce brands must ensure that each of them is running smoothly to get online orders to customers quickly and efficiently. Ashewa Technology Solutions is working towards realizing ecommerce logistics service that has effective partnership with globally known logistics companies including DHL and Ethiopian Airlines.

Targets of Ashewa Logistics

  • To provide trustable, affordable and safe logistics service.
  • To deliver right product from right vendor at the right time and cost.
  • Establish an integrated, modern logistics network that operates throughout the country 24/7 via effective and viable partnership with companies.

Why you invest in Ashewa Technology Solution (ATS) SC?

You are making an investment in a bussiness that is already up and running. Your return on investment as a result is quick.

You will receive a good return on investment because you are investing in the quickly expading sector of commerce.

You will receive a return on investment of Up to 31% annually, which is much greater than investing in other sectors.

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