Ashewa Technology SOLUTION S.C to launch its highly anticipated logistics and mail express project.

The project that will kick start operation on June 11 2022 is a 20 million ETB project and will play a significant role on facilitating the practice of e-commerce sector in Ethiopia. Moreover it will help to connect rural population to directly the market and enhances the quality of life in more than one ways.

The press release held on April 14 2022 at Sapphire Addis hotel, conveys the capacity of the project on the presence of different stakeholders from media organization, various ministry offices and other participants.

The presentation has stressed on the importance of building an organized, technologically advanced and large supply chain in Ethiopia. Saying ‘The logistics industry is huge, contributing up to 12% of the global GDP which equals to 9.6 trillion dollar, on top of that swelling cross boarder commerce is helping the logistics industry to boom at higher level.’ Its then out of question adds the General Manager, ‘the urgency and necessity of logistics for the growth of e-commerce as well as quality of life’.

Envisioning the growth of E-commerce by making it possible a reliable, fast and affordable delivery in all parts of Ethiopia, the project also creates employment opportunity for 500 Thousand people up on full operation.

The initial operation will begin in Addis Ababa and delivery service will be provided in a span of 24 hours, In particular cases however delivery will be due on a span of 3hours. The operation that will be in customers hand in less than two months will have eight districts in the city and 52-390 total touch points.

As a company that works for a shared wealth, Daniel emphasise on how the organization is looking forward to work together with different stakeholders in and out the country. He makes it clear that Ashewa Doesn’t have any intention of monopolizing the market, but rather an open door for the power of collaboration.

The press release that takes places in three session has included a presentation about general aspect of the project in the first round by ATS General Manager Daniel Bekele, a speech about the logistics and delivery practice in Ethiopia by the project Managing director Gebremariam Alemu and Q and A session.


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