Beloved child of Ethiopia Welcome Home!

In his iconic campaign speech, Barack Obama the former American president courageously said that ‘we are the change we seek’. He further elaborates if we really seek a change we ought to do it now. It’s with this shared interest we started our incredible journey. Declaring ourselves as a change agent we move with the theme ‘if not us who, if not today when? , which later becomes the underlying values our company.

This is not something we decided to do out of nowhere. It’s neither a mere coincidence nor impulse driven. But rather a reflection on our value, a path we choose to pave for ourselves and fellow people.

Dear members of the diaspora’s, First and foremost we appreciate your diligence response to the call of the motherland. Ethiopia is not a distant dream but a land of true promises, an earthly heaven, a feel of abundance, a place of milk and honey. But you all know this and nothing genies lies in telling you an obvious truth.

The real question and the true genius of change should ask for more. Is this all the things you wanted to hear about your homeland? Surely you wish for more, and that’s why you are here today answering the calls.

This homecoming has a completely different narration than all your previous trips because today, you are here for a greater good. This particular trip is a step you took towards change. And it’s a great story of our time.

Following the call of our prime minister, one million Ethiopians are responding to the call and arriving to their homeland. This is indeed good news for all of us. It will bring a positive impact and contribute to the socio-economic arena.

Hence, we would like to welcome the Ethiopian diaspora, who are well known for their hard and dedication in the face of the world. You will re-join the family and home you have missed for a long time.

For those of you who have never set foot in the homeland we extend our warm hands. Ethiopia is a symbol of victory and independence, the only African country that has never been colonized, a society that deeply rooted its value on God, a cradle of humankind and more.

Why it’s obvious to bring laptop, clothing, chocolates and phones when people come from Europe and America? And why is that ‘yekubet shita’ is the only item you miss about Ethiopia? For how long this cycle continues to be the primary relation between your origin and destination?

What should a foreigner who comes to Ethiopia for work and visit take back when he returns to his homeland? Dear diasporas, isn’t this the question we need to ask ourselves and answer together. We believe so. And it’s with this unflinching believe we invite you to join the movement of change makers. Let’s bring a radical solution to the existing problems and build a prosperous future together. A strong independent and empowered nation built with the sweat of her children.

You, the Diasporas play a crucial role in the economic development of our country. You could bring your expertise, experience and diverse exposure as an asset. You could also contribute through direct foreign exchange, foreign direct investment, entrepreneurship as well as by transferring your knowledge and skill. In this challenging time, your country needs all kinds of support, particularly in the science and technology sector.


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