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Ashewa Technology a technology company that works on eleven projects to fight our country's major problem which is poverty. In order to fight against poverty the major step taken by Ashewa technologies was to create a hassle free market place where Sellers and buyers can meet up and commence the commerce that had traditional constraints without the constraints via the help of technology.

As of Now Ashewa Technology is Happy to announce that it's sub band is performing beyond imagination and clearly started to pave the way for many sellers and buyers their way to unlimited success and wealth. The market place and its logistics wing Ashewa Logistics are working in their Immense capacity to provide Buyers and sellers achieve ideal commerce on the market place.

With the Above being said is highly delighted to announce a highly demanded and anticipated seller membership rate cards where sellers could become verified sellers on the marketplace and get the benefits of their memberships through membership plans. is Providing immense benefits to sellers through packages that are fairly priced to be used by sellers and hold very useful deals for member sellers on And it comes with 100% money back guarantee. For the Deals Please refer to our seller page on


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Why you invest in Ashewa Technology Solution (ATS) SC?

Ashewa Technology is a company with a strong track record and a bright future.

The company is focused on high-growth industries and has a team of experienced professionals.

Ashewa Technology is offering investors an exclusive opportunity to invest in the company at a discounted valuation.

Investors in Ashewa Technology have the potential to earn significant returns in the coming years.

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