Patriotism is our history; empathy is the source of our unity!

‘Genan ke wegené gar’ a success!

We support those who give themselves for the glory of the country; patriots who protect their people; we stand by those who stand for the truth; we are from and for the people, and we do not have a hand that refuses to give when our people are in need.

We believe in collaboration. Our name is a witness for this, the wonder in Ashewa lies in the sum. Because by itself Ashewa is tiny and not much of relevance, but when we put it together for purpose it will end up with an unshakable rock, an indestructible cable, an indestructible statue, and a wondrous building. So are we! Together, we will shape, build, and strengthen a strong nation, a thriving economy, and an empowered generation.

Ashewa Technology Solutions recognizes the benefits of maternal and paternal blessings; therefore as brotherhood is for both good and bad days, we built a company that goes beyond social responsibility. Ashewa has coordinated its social responsibilities and humanitarian obligations with the theme “Genan ke wegené gar, Christmas with my people,” the event takes place with the presence of the Mayor of Shoa Robit town, the head of Women and Children's Affairs Bureau, and other stakeholder.

As an indigenous Technology Company that strives to be a source of pride and resilience, Ashewa intends to tame greatness. But greatness couldn’t be complete without a meaningful and strong community bases. That’s why we will endure the path of uplifting others.

Ashewa offer a bull to honour the memory of Eshete Moges and his son, as well as oxen and 200 litters of oil, for Amhara Special Forces and a gift for more than 400 people to celebrate Christmas together in joy.

‘This is a small gift that we are honoured to present in loving memory of Eshete Moges and his son Yitages Eshete Moges. This is the smallest contribution we made for a patriot who died fighting to save the country. And we express the gratitude for lovingly giving us your Christmas gifts, and we promise to continue to do so. No one loses by giving, No one is honoured by taking and we truly thank all the institutions and individuals who supported us during this rewarding event’, is all we want to say at the end of this successful event.


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