What more can anyone possibly gives that outweighs blood?

‘Demén lewogené’ is part of ‘Genan ke Wegené gar’

One of the most important things in any profitable business organization is that they should always remember to properly fulfil their corporate social responsibility. And “CSR isn't a program, it's what we do every day, it is maximizing positive impact and minimizing negative impact. Its Loyalty is to the values of the company, not to the company” Hence an institution that refuses to execute this role is, either it’s not working for the greater good of the public or it doesn’t care about the community it serves.

As an organization established to serve the people it born out of and raised by, Ashewa Technology Solution S.C takes to heart the suffering of its people and strives to improve the their condition. With a motto that becomes to be known as ‘genan kewogene gar’ the company is making a big contribution to support the community. Needless to say that this is the kind of things expected from a company that strives to last for centuries.

For all that Ashewa is a profit-earning Technology Company; it doesn’t fail to fulfil its social responsibility even from an early age. And this confirms all the good deeds the company is going to bring to those who need it in the future.

On December 23, all the families of Ashewa donated blood at the company’s head office. The blood donation which is part of the ‘genan kewogene gar’ movement is held for those who found themselves in a difficult situation. The company further extends the support and by keeping its promise Ashewa is living by its guiding principles.

They say "Blood is red gold in the time of saving a life," and this quote speaks so much about the value of blood. Blood has long been a symbol of beauty and kinship in Ethiopian culture. Expressions like “Demegnaye new’ (he is my enemy), Demegibu (Handsome), and Demmelash (Avenger)” reminds us a lot about the value of blood in the heart of Ethiopians. And that;s exactly why we begin this piece with contemplating ‘what more can anyone possibly gives that outweighs blood’?

Blood is life, blood is the last precious gift to be paid for a country, blood is the symbol of relation; Blood is a life carrier in our veins. This is what the staff, leaders, and brand ambassadors of Ashewa Technologies Solutions have donated to the community. Blood is life, and we donate life. What more can be precious than life?

For many of us donating blood may seem like an easy thing to do. Anyone healthy can do it. But seeing a company making commitment to do it every three month can take a real care and defines the stand it foresee towards community.

Share companies are public properties. Ashewa is a share company that principally aims to be owned by more and more people. As a peoples company Ashewa is supporting its members by reaching out in time of their need. And, yes the support will continue.

Use the following Bank accounts to make a contribution for ‘genan kewogene gar’ and make a soul smile today!


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