Founding Story

Born and raised in Shewa-Robit a town in north central Ethiopia, Daniel has got the access to actively engage in the market from an early age. The town is best known for its active trade practices, which gives him a chance to intimately engage in the process of transaction.

This coupled with the fact that he come from a farmer and merchant family has resulted in him being grown to be a very fond of the market & many would say he excelled in the market.

But for Daniel, what resonates more was the community that has come together around the market with strong binding values. Those people were trusting, dependable and real hard working folks, who genuinely believe in each other and in the market.

The faith and trust those communities instilled in him at such a young age is a motive he holds up today, to live up to his highest potentials, because their unbreakable faith has created a real sense of belonging in him. He inherited that unwavering trust and brings it to Ashewa abundantly, and builds a company, a team and a community based on that value.

Yet, despite making a lot of money for his age, it didn’t take him a long time to understand the limitation in the local trade. Most of the trade activity was limited to labour, short distance and small networks which makes it difficult to upscale and exhausting at the same time. A problem identified in most parts of the country at the time.

He quickly realized that there is a lack of infrastructure and reliable system. And this realization got him into a thorough journey. A journey that involves a lot of reading, traveling, and training filled with trail and failure. Before settling on E-commerce he has gotten in to different online business ventures. Of the things he gathers from the ineffective online business in Ethiopia, lack of reliable payment system, and a limited digital access are the main points.

However the actual turning point of his pursues was his experience in Jumia, Kenya. After working and studying in neighbouring Kenya, Daniel come back to Ethiopia, this time with a solution, a solution that attempts to transform trade and market transaction in Ethiopia as well as in Africa.

Then he founded Ashewa PLC, an E-commerce platform. The new platform has demonstrated a high performance in a very short time, in 8 months to be specific. The performance was 88% higher than other e-commerce platforms in Ethiopia. The high performance proofs that there is a high demand and huge potential for digital economy. What was lost was a reliable and organized platform. Its right there Ashewa decides to be a share company and invest a huge resource in order to solve real Ethiopian problems through large scale technological solutions.


A multibillion-birr capital project owner Ashewa Technology Solution S.C is started by the visionary entrepreneur Daniel Bekele and his 5 friends in May 2020 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ashewa Technology Solution is a legal entity registered under the Trade Registration and Licensing Act to operate in accordance with Ethiopian law and regulations. And it is being the most valuable technology brand working on E-commerce, e-learning, Logistics, smart software as a service and demand-based software development and totally 11 technological sectors.

Ashewa currently has 200 qualified employees, has 10 innovative software products, thousands of stockholders, and a total of 12 Board members. Because Ashewa was created in response to a pressing need for change, we make it our mission making a platform to make our peoples, life easy, civilized and prosperous. Traditional life, Poverty, migration, and mortality are things that we want to end. Youth and business should be more easy, reliable, efficient and effective by using our cutting-edge technologies.

Why Us?

What drive us?

As a company that strives to bring the change it wants to see ‘What leads to a life of impact and purpose?’ is one of the questions we ask more often here.

We have a purpose driven professionals, who are concerned about their legacy. We are a group of different people that comes together for the same noble cause, changing society for the better. As pioneers we are in a mission to change the world. And as a giver we want to engage in a venture that directly improves the life of others.

Pulling the youth out of unemployment

Despite the time we live in and the immense economic opportunity the digital age provides, Many Ethiopians still struggle to put food on a table. Many leave their home to feed their family. Those who seek a better life risked their safety and dignity.

High rate of Unemployment, under employment and poor working condition fuels the search for an escape route. But it was never easy; many have died on their way to Europe. Many have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea along with their dream for a better life. Some unfortunates fail into the most heartless terrorist groups. Even the ones who make it to Europe are prone to a lot of problems related with legality and identity.

Statics show that ‘Unemployment and underemployment continued to be serious social problems in Ethiopia despite some improvements in recent years. With around 50 per cent of the urban population between age 15 and 30 unemployed, Ethiopia has one of the highest unemployment rates worldwide’.

But, we don’t have to live like this. We don’t have to flee our country for a better life and vanished in the air. We shouldn’t live under humiliation either. What we should do is come together to build our own empire in our own land, because together we are stronger.

Despite what we have been through, the strength in our sprit and the resilience we inherited is powerful, unyielding and will always overcome. And here in Ashewa we are committed to build something greater than ourselves. We are here to provide solutions for our people and to improve the living condition of our community. So that people have the opportunity to work and live a better life in their own country.

If not us, who? If not today, when?

Our customers choose Ashewa, because we always prioritize them and never compromise the quality of our service. Yet more than that, it’s our purpose driven intention to change people’s life for the better and to do it today with the resources we have, essentially counts and resonates in people’s heart. And actually, we believe that’s what sets us apart. And since we are talking about a lasting impact, let’s see what other thing Ashewa has in its store.

Well, Ashewa is setting a new trend. TRUE! It’s challenging the status quo. ALSO TRUE! But the actual good news is, this new trend highly relies on research, collaboration, people and professionalism. And that is the very reason people trust in us, while we trust in Tech.

What the term “Ashewa” entails?

One, it only alludes to the element most vital to human civilization. It's amazing how rarely we consider the fact that sand, along with water and air, is one of the most used natural resources. In reality, the history of sand is the history of civilization because it is the foundation of all human development. "Every computer screen and silicon chip, every concrete building and paved road on Earth are all built from sand" (Ashewa). Therefore, sand:

  • Protects us
  • Gives us power
  • Engages us, and
  • Inspires us—from the pyramids of Egypt to the Hubble observatory, from the world's highest skyscraper to the sidewalk below it, and from the stained-glass windows of Chartres to our iPhone.
This means that by choosing the name "Ashewa," which is the Amharic word for sand, for our business, we are honoring this unique trait of a collaborative spirit and envisioning the distinctive feature it embodies.

More strategic and impact inclined term in this regard is ASHEWA which stands for “Association Strategically for Higher and Easy-going Wealth in Africa”.

The colours in Ashewa…?

Our logo is a combination of green, yellow and red. The green colour makes a symbol of love: and in yellow and Red People in the community are seen working hard and looking up to heights. This is an indication of when we are moving forward together, victory takes care of itself.

The Journey

Ashewa Technology solution S.C is established to bring innovative solutions to the existing problems. It plays a significant role to fight against poverty, through making a significant contribution to the country’s GDP. Pioneering in E-commerce, E-learning, E-payment and logistics Ashewa is legally registered to operate in a total of eleven technological sectors.

Ashewa Journey

Where are we Now?

Ashewa has made a number of steps to effectively realize its vision. These include:Where are we now?

  • Share Management – Organizing shareholders recognition and certification program for April, 27, 2023. More than 1000 shareholders will receive their authenticated share purchase evidence from Ashewa Technology Solutions S.C. in the event.
  • Already we monetized and working on e-commerce /online shopping by website, applications and call center/9870/ including logistics and express mail.
  • We are doing now on application development, website development, smart software as a services and IT consulting services.
  • Business Partnership – Ashewa has established partnership with various governmental and non-governmental institutions and business set ups. These are:
    • Africom Technologies PLC
    • Addis Ababa Merchants Association
    • Ethio-telecom
    • Abysinia bank
    • Lion bank/hellocash
    • Dashin bank/ amole
    • IBM
    • Ethiopian airline
    • DHL
  • System Development –
    • Ashewa has launched its highly expected e-commerce platform, ASHEWA.COM. is currently fully operational. The main purpose of the platform is to help importers, exporters, wholesalers and retailers, particularly the SMEs and to make shopping easy, affordable, and reliable, by directly connecting customers with manufacturers without involving unnecessary middlemen. aims to be the most customer-centric virtual marketplace in Africa, where our customers can find and shop anything they want easily, affordably and reliably. The system is equipped with online payment modalities through integration with e-payment platforms such as tele-birr, hello cash, the system has exhibited sustaining and competitive performance with other global systems in terms of major KPIs of system performance such as, speed, security, reliability, data integrity, scalability, portability, compatibility, maintainability, usability, and localization.
    • Ashewa has launched commercial software and mart Site Builder applications. The commercial software is offered to buyers in both SaaS and On-demand modalities.
  • Ashewa has launched a customer centered, flexible and suitable monetization program for the platform, These are:
    • Subscriptions: It is making revenue from various Supplier payments for the necessary tools and to sell their product or service on our platform. We have three subscription programs; Lifetime subscription, yearly subscription and monthly (1/2 year) subscription.
    • Transaction fee /Commission: Incurring revenue through commission when the transaction takes place at These transaction fees are subject to sales of products or services in the marketplace.
    • Advertisement: This monetization program merely focuses on gaining revenue from various advertisement services that the marketplace provides.
  • Facilities and Service Expansion – during its establishment, Ashewa Technologies S.C. had a single office where the management and operational activities took place. Currently the company has headquarters at Town Square Mall, and an operation office around Gurd Sholla. Besides, the company set up a warehouse around “megenagna” in order to facilitate its delivery services. Two motor bikes and a van are also purchased to facilitate the delivery of customer orders
  • Market Penetration – In this year, the company has been immersed in aggressive marketing and sales campaigns in order to penetrate into the market and raise its customers. For-example: the company has participated in:
    • Gena Exhibition of 2015 e.c. at Addis Ababa Exhibition center and promoted its products and services.
    • Debre-birhan Trade Exhibition of 2015 e.c. at Debre-birhan town and promoted its products and services
    • Sales event was held at Ethiopian Airlines Group where bundles were prepared and sold to staff of the airlines.
    • A sales partnership agreement was signed between Ashewa Technologies S.C. and KEFETA in a commission framework to realize a significant rise in the number of vendors on using the subscription framework. On process set up
    • Digital marketing campaigns are being held so as to increase app downloads and marketing milestones.
    • Kenya Ashewa Technologies. has opened its branch office at Kenya, Nairobi, in order to tap market from African country which is also mentioned in the strategic goals of the company

Where are we Going?

  • Share Management – Currently the company has more than 200,000,000 birrs of capital collected from/ promised by its hundreds of shareholders. The company is still expanding its capital by selling its shares to reach at its target of 2,000,000,000 birr within the coming 2 years.
  • Strategic Targets – for the year 2023, Ashewa Technology Solutions S.C. set-out strategic targets of 127million birr revenue.

What We Do

Ashewa Technology Solution S.C is a large scale company that engages in various technological segments. Ashewa has a total of 11 technological sectors. Among this are E-learning, E-commerce, E-payment and logistics with many more to follow. Ashewa Technology Solution S.C has officially begun its E-commerce operation, through the platform, an online market place that registered a thousand of vendors in a very short period of time.

Current Data’s of Global Digital Economy

Ashewa allocates its highest investment of 60% to the highly anticipated E-commerce platform, is officially LAUNCHED on October 19th 2021 and it aims to simplify global market chain for local business and transactions.

The digital economy is surpassing the old economic system in both size and investment. According to Oxford economics ‘we find that the digital economy is worth US $11.5 trillion globally, equivalent to 15.5% of global GDP and that has grown two and a half times faster than global GDP over the past 15 years, almost doubling in size since the year 2000.’

And the Statista data shows that, in 2021, e-commerce accounted for an estimated 19.6% of retail sales worldwide. Forecasts indicate that by 2025, the online segment would make up close to a quarter of total global retail sales.

The prominent billionaires of our planet are tech based entrepreneurs, the giant Elon Musk 50, founder and CEO of Tesla and Space-X being the richest man in the world, the lists goes on to Jeff Bezos (Amazon) Bill gates (Microsoft) Larry Page ( Google) and many emerging techies and tech based companies are taking over the world economy world-wide. You can see Forbes’s real time millionaire list for more incredible details.

An article on IT zone revealed that, Zoom an online communication platform established in 2011 is worth than 7 of the largest airlines on the planet in 2020. And this change was registered in less than 9 years since the firm is established.

Just like that the digital economy is boosting. E-commerce, e-payment, online streaming services and e-learning platforms are highly becoming prominent. And the global population is entirely shifting to their liking.

In 2020 over 2billon people purchase goods and services on line that is a 31% increase from 2019. Online shopping is one of the most popular activities world-wide, with global e-retail sales reaching 4.2 trillion U.S dollar in 2020, this number has grown to 4.9 trillion U.S dollar in 2021 and is expected to reach 7.4trillion U.S dollar by 2025, a 50% increase. (Statista).

But this is not the only remarkable change that happens to the global economy. The biggest companies have become bigger during the pandemic. In fact streaming services and tech giants have become even more dominant that we start to compare each of them with the whole nation’s wealth and GDP.

Apple earns more than the GDP of Italy, Brazil, Canada and Russia. While some of the biggest streaming services earn more than Europe itself. In fact, there are only seven countries in the world with a higher GDP than Apple’s $2.2 trillion, this means that apple is actually richer than 96% of the world.

Microsoft would be as large as Canada, with $1.8 market worth. Amazon’s $1.6 trillion value would make it the 14th richest ‘country’ in the world while Facebook would be wealthier than 150 countries around the world. Actually if Facebook were a country, it would be wealthier than Switzerland, Sweden and the UAE combined. Read visual insider’s for more interesting results.

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