The Digital Economy

The digital economy is the area of the economy that is driven by the billions of daily interactions that occur online between individuals, businesses, devices, data, and processes. Hyper connectivity, or the increased interconnectivity of people, organizations, and machines as a result of the Internet, mobile technologies, and the internet of things, is the foundation of the digital economy. The Digital 2022 Overview: Global Report stated that 12.5 hours were spent online in the year 2022. Social media users reached 4.62 billion and are still increasing by 13.5 in every second. In Ethiopia, Ashewa Technology Solutions S.C. is working towards the realization of scaled-up digital economy in Ethiopia. Ashewa is, in fact, starting a new trend. The status quo is being questioned.

  • It reduces unnecessary transactional and overhead costs of businesses and operations.
  • It automates transactions, logistics and payment activities so that it ensures reliability, speed and accessibility.
  • It facilitates scalability of businesses since it doesn’t totally depend of physical environment.
  • It increases ability to reach a broad audience of businesses and markets.

E-Commerce Marketplace is an open platform for vendors who want to sell their products and services on the marketplace and in doing so contribute to the economic empowerment of our communities. The only requirement is they need to prove that they are legitimate businesses or organizations and they guarantee the fulfillment of the orders placed on the marketplace.

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Ashewa Technology Solution S.C/ATS S.C/ owns and operates The platform's major mission is to help small businesses and to make shopping easy, affordable, and reliable by connecting customers directly with manufacturers without the use of unnecessary middlemen.

Ashewa App

We have a mobile version applications for our electronic market place.

Delivery Boy App

Established 2 branch offices, 1 warehouse with delivery boys, vans and bikes.

Smart Solutions

Ashewa technology entered the software market to enable 98% of businesses or MSMLES by providing smart TECH solutions. Smart solutions are a group of advanced technological software’s that solves our peoples and SMLEs' problems to do business easily, efficiently and effectively at anytime and anywhere by providing innovative, inclusive, SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE, DEMAND based integrated hardware and softwares’- mobile or desktop applications, dynamic website development and information and technology consulting services.

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Smart ERP

Ashewa Smart ERP Software as a service (SaaS). All in one ERP solutions with HRM, CRM, ACCOUNTING, PROJECT & POS. ERP software provides a fully business integrated, user-friendly platform for analyzing, monitoring, and carrying out data-driven tasks.

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Smart Site Builder

Developing a company website has never been easy like this before! Now, we make it simple, effective and more reliable plus It is hassle free with free maintenance and continuous support. There is no hidden fee. It is easily customizable. You can easily change your idea into business without knowing or doing a single line of code within a minute!

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School Management System

Ashewa smart School Management System- learning changes all your school operations towards smart education. We provide software as a service on subscription based only you pay as you used.

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Demand Based Software Projects

On demand - hardware and software- integrated applications and website development services. We will change your business idea to a realistic revenue generating business through technology.

You Request
We deliver!

Starting from research to market analysis and implementation phases and make them ready to services. What kind of software can you demand from Ashewa? Literally all web, mobile and desktop applications! like....

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E- Learning

Ashewa E-learning, also known as web-based training, involves providing learners with browsers instruction anytime, anywhere, over the internet or a workplace intranet to be more creative, innovative and result driven.

Ashewa’s e-learning motive doesn’t only focus on the students who are interested and motivated to learn instead focuses on everyone, being unbiased. It is trying to create a situation where students take the initiative of learning instead of content being spoon-fed to them in order to gain more score which happens in 99 percent of the cases in the country.

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Digital financial exchanges between two parties are referred to as electronic payments, or payments. There are numerous variables that could influence a company's choice to utilize or accept a particular sort of electronic payment. E-payments provide many advantages, such as time and money savings, a decrease in payment processing errors, and lower transaction costs.

To speed up Ethiopia’s journey towards digital transformation, the Ashewa Technology Solution S.C is planning to launch an e-payment system. Ashewa Pay is an online financial services platform that will most notably be known for allowing users and businesses to send and receive payments globally.

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Ecommerce logistics, sometimes referred to as e-logistics, is the process an ecommerce brand uses to get an order out the door and into the hands of the customer. After shoppers make an online purchase, the order is packed, shipped, delivered, and, in some cases, returned. We provide end-to-end, next-generation digitizing of your loan origination process, from onboarding, and servicing, to disbursement.

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