About Artist Nardos Adane

Artist Nardos Adane

Brand Ambassador of Ashewa Technology Solutions

Nardos Adane a young talent of the entertainment industry represents our brand. Born and raised in Dilla town, Nardos is well-known for her genuine personality. And her professional life is the extension of that personality. Her passion initiated what she has built and continued build. Her commitment to grow allows her to seize every learning opportunity.

Her school days were vivid and colourful. She loved playing football but a top student at the same time. Being passionate about acting, Nardos joined the entertainment scene through beauty pageant. And of course she gets the crown of ‘Miss Hawassa’ Despite her busy acting career, Nardos obtain her BA degree in marketing management from Unity University and is currently studying for MA degree. To date, she has performed in more than 18 movies, Appeared in prominent TV Series and done many commercials for a wide range of organizations. She also found her own trading company and manages it.

Nardos finds the opportunity to join Ashewa thrilling. Because she explains ‘Ashewa is all about becoming together to be build a better future and there is nothing rewarding than taking part in something as big, impactful and long lasting as Ashewa.

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