About Dr. Abush Ayalew

Dr. Abush Ayalew

Promoter and Advisor
Dr. Abush Ayalew Promoter and Advisor

Dr. Abush obtained his medical degree from Addis Ababa University and his MBA from Lincoln University in the US with a gold medal award. He is a certified management consultant from Ethiopia management Institute. He have acquired certification in financial market from Yale University and mentored by the Nobel Prize winner professor Robert Schiller.

Dr. Abush served as the Promoter of successful share companies like HACHOMAL a real-estate and Construction Company. He is well known for helping business to grow and succeed, right from the inception to complete evolution. He is also a global stock market trader at Wall Street, Europe and Asia through a London based brokerage firm. .

On the virtue of his exemplary life style and his unrelenting effort of societal development, he was awarded as Ambassador of Peace by Universal Peace Federation. Dr Abush has published four finance and eight business bestselling books. The founder and CEO of Cellular Consultancy is now our Advisor.

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