About Mr. Daniel Bekele

Mr. Daniel Bekele

Board Member, CEO and Vice President

The young and visionary Daniel Bekele is one of most striving, committed, energetic and optimistic youths in the continent Africa. Mr. Daniel has a lot of experience in the online market in Kenya and China starting from a young age. He believes the internet can transform our people’s lives to grow, learn and be civilized!!

Daniel is software developer and digital marketing graduate from Ubuntu College, in Kenya Nairobi and studied E-Business, E-Commerce and Artificial Intelligence from NPTEL Indian Technology College and also he had taken many online courses in business management and Risk management.

He is a personal development trainer plus certified lecturer at a national level. He is committed for his vision and thoughts he creates, designs, leads, manages and accomplishes Ashewa.com from nonentity to this level.

Currently Ashewa technology is a fast growing brand, innovative and unique technology company. We are creating "the Ethiopian Alibaba or Amazon" to improve our people’s life- by making shopping reliable and affordable and also we are working hard to make our people’s life easy, civilized and prosperous.

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