About Mr. Dejene Hailu

Mr. Dejene Hailu

Board Member and Operational Manager

The young vibrant and gifted, Dejene Hailu is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Bahirdar University. After completing his education in 2017, Dejene moves to Kenya to pursue a career in Network marketing.

For the last 3 years, Dejene has shown unparalleled dedication as a Network Marketer (sales) in Kenya and Ethiopia. In his professional undertakings Dejene, was managing more than 80 sales staffs as a committed network marketing manager. He has obtained a number of awards from companies like cash, for his hard work and leadership.

Dejene asserts himself as a business minded, Sales oriented and inspiring young man, with a special inclination to language and people. BY THE WAY he speaks more than three languages. And yeah, he intends to bring a positive impact into people’s life all over the world. Currently he is an operations manager at Ashewa Technology solutions S.C

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