Our Culture & Values

Culture Statement of Ashewa Technologies S.C.

We believe in a culture rooted in collaboration and growth. We are creating a space where people can perform at their highest level and be the best versions of them in order to develop the most inspiring company in Africa.

Our Vision

By 2030, we aspire to be an iconic, impactful, leading tech company in Africa where our customers can MEET, WORK, and ENTERTAIN.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Vision

We revolutionize African commerce by providing innovative e-commerce, e-learning, e-payment, entertainment and Logistics to do business easily, affordably, and reliably at anytime, anywhere though cutting-edge technologies.

Our ‘‘value propositions’’ is always superior to its rivals, to guarantee that it is a company of choice for customers, an employer of choice for staff and an investment of choice for its investor, by fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities and making our society life easy, civilized and prosperous to contribute positively to the socio-economic development of Africans, in particular and the nations in which it works in general.

Core Values

Building a company that lasts for 300 years…?

According to Zygmunt Baurman’s liquid modernity, the world we live in is highly characterized by liquidity. And this liquidity is not a form of permanence. The permanence feature of the world is increasingly diminished and replaced by permanent change. And this change is highly reflected on the arena of science and technology as well as the economy.

This feature becomes especially relevant for us because, Ashewa is working to build a company that lasts for 300 years. This seems ungraspable or out of reach, considering the uncertainty we are facing. yet, this brings us to a certain point. i.e. (In a time of constant change the effective way to grasp and own something of a quality, knowledge, skill or system is only through a constant update of oneself and the world around that self. )

It’s true, Building a lasting company is not easy. Let alone building a company that lasts for 300 years. But there are things to live by. ‘Ashewa’s definitive’ we call them. These are principles, ultimate values that define the essence of our company and its long lasting impact.

  • High-performing and learning organization focused on continual improvement, innovation, and knowledge-sharing.

  • We at Ashewa believe in team work and collaboration. That’s what we embrace wholeheartedly to create synergy, so that the whole becomes greater than the sum.

  • We focus on accelerated performance, fast to adopt change through professionalism.

  • We values honesty and having strong moral principle. Being the states whole and undivided.

  • Inefficiency, and complexity should not be accepted.

  • Solving big problems be part of the change.

  • This is our key priority, we treat our customers the way we want to be treated and also, we treat them the way they want to be treated.

  • We always exceed customer expectations by being innovative, creative and constructive to meet the change customers need.

Our Goals

  • By engaging in technological inventions and innovation, by creating "the Ethiopian Silicon Valley”, we will be able to improve the country's high-tech investment in electronics, machinery and vehicles.
  • Creating one million millionaires by 2030.
  • Creating jobs for 5 million people by 2030.
  • Helping small businesses and individuals.
  • Become a leading technology company in Africa.
  • Decrease migration rate.
  • Build a generation that benefits the family and the country (by formulating and implementing a critical school curriculum).
  • Outreach and creative learning for orphans.
  • Creating Economic integration of Ethiopia, Africa and ultimately the world.
  • Bringing together Ethiopian-African intellectuals to make a big difference in our country's invention and innovation.
  • Demonstrating Ethiopian-African brilliance. i.e indigenous knowledge and values to the world.
  • Creating convenient and profitable investment opportunities for the diaspora.
  • Making shareholders landlords by a long-term payment for the profits made by Ashewa Shares Holders by building real estate.


Our aim is to build a strong nation, with a leading economy and an empowered generation that will help itself and the world.

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