Our Future Projects

ATS Research and Data Center

Ashewa Technology Solutions Research and data Center would be one of the greatest in Africa. It would be a place to collect, formulate and analyse big data that creates knowledge, mobilize resource and solve problems. This also enables our management to generate quality information and to make informed decisions.

ATS Headquarter

This is a Headquarter of Ashewa Technology Solution S.C. It is the head office for the company's most senior executives. And this ATS headquarter building contains; classrooms, experiment spots and a creative exhibition museum.

ATS Ensira Museum

This museum is a displaying place for a relic and artefact of our mothers' heritages and histories. ATS Ensira Museum helps us to honour and re-imagine the contribution of the matriarchal society in our country.

ATS Logistics Center

It is a logistics centre with inventory storage and transportation service. This Logistics Center is very simple and modern. It would be used as a store and logistic center.

ATS “Kebero” Assembly Hall

ATS “Kebero” assembly hall is a drum-shaped venue and it is a contemporary meeting place that can accommodate up to 5,000 people at a time while at the same time features small meeting places.

ATS 5* Hotel

ATS 5* Hotel is a comfortable and relaxation place where all guests and visitors are invited, welcomed and entertained.

ATS Mall

This is a huge complex mall with various features. Displaying our e-commerce would be one of its features. NBVCXTS mall is well equipped with technology to simply access products by photo search scan QR code.

ATS Real Estate

This is modern and luxurious real estate for Ashewa shareholders. Shortly, Ashewa families will have expensive, well-appointed and classy residential homes. Surprisingly the payment will be considerably cheaper.