What is Smart Tech Solution Unit?

Smart Software Solution is under Ashewa Technology Solutions (ATS) S.C. which develope software as a service and demand based software development services for clients based on thier requirements. The deparmrnt is at the core of the Ashewa platform development. The team is made up of a group of passionate engineers from all over the world, striving to build the best systems with the most suitable technologies. Our engineers do not merely solve problems at hand; We build foundations for a long-lasting future.

We don't limit ourselves on what we can or can't do; we take matters into our own hands even if it means drilling down to the bottom layer of the computing platform. Ashewa's hyper-growing business scale has transformed the most "innocent" problems into huge technical challenges, and there is no better place to experience it first-hand if you love technologies as much as we do. Browse our Engineering and Technology team openings to see how you can make an impact with us. Smart Software Solution is a new generation of technology innovators' framework for accelerating growth. All of our projects place a strong emphasis on innovation. Using a methodology and knowledge, our structured team innovates and provides excellent services in a wide range of software.

We will Do the Marketing

  • We Prepare and set up 2 software's before launching =Done
  • Launch the company’s products to the public through warm press release= on February 23/2023 it is on Thursday.
  • Take trade license = 2/02/23
  • We Designed different pricing structure= done
  • Establish digital marketing scheme that suits to the software sales = on progress.
  • Established advertising scheme through radio program = on progress
  • Giving interview on popular YouTube channels, TVs and radio= not yet on progress
  • Develop CRM tool to recruit, present, follow, cloth and manage the lead OR potential customers. On progress
  • Design software advertisement scheme = done
  • Design different selling tactics in line with software SALES. = almost but it is progressive

Initial investment it require.

  • Software ownership and set up fee.
  • The listed services need great effort and consume both focus and time and incur an opportunity cost.
  • The whole services will be tailored to convert the long standing intent of Ashewa to become a successful software company in Ethiopia.
  • If the company enters into the industry and to position itself as the best first mover company, the listed services need to be done with utmost quality from the beginning, otherwise failure from the start will be too costly to the company as well as to shareholders.
  • The whole project needs a person that has not only knowledge to the industry but the one that has proven entrepreneur experience which I have.
  • Software ownership, set up fee, staffs, marketing and others totally 10,000,000 birr handle by Ashewa technology solutions s.c and its staffs.

Succession Plan & Exit Strategy

  • Value add on open source software's and partnership with global or local tech suppliers for the company.
  • Establish a clear and detailed job description for the leader
  • Train and coach the leader about the strategy and unique characters of the software industry
  • Establish performance targets for the leader
  • Establish incentive package for the leader
  • Empower the leader by giving full responsibility and authority

Who will be our customers ?

  • Tech Businessmen and businesswoman or Entrepreneurs = ecommerce, logistics and taxi hailing and OnDemand website and applications.
  • All Corporations- = manufacturing, educational, hospital, retail and wholesale in sectors.
  • All governmental Institutions.

Our Products and Services

Ready Made Softwares.

Software as service.

Open Sources

Popular Software's We Have

  • Smart ERP [enterprise resource planning software as a service]
  • ECOMMERCE with mobile app
  • Smart hospital management software
  • Smart school management software as a service
  • Smart hotel BOOKING SYSTEM
  • Electronic file management system and we will develop On demand software system

Targeted Number of Customers

  • 100 customers per software first year
  • 100 customers per software second year
  • 100 customers per software on the third year

Language's to be Designed

  • English but can easily to translate

Software Numbers per Year

  • 5 for first year/ ready made and open sources
  • 10 for second year

Smart Services | Ashewa Technology Solutions (ATS) S.C

Always new beginnings can move the business forward.A user experience is required before service.Now is a great opportunity to work with us and move your brand forward.

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