Social Responsibility

Despite the fact that, we are only around for a short period of time we are actively taking part on community engagement programs. Ashewa is a people company, established for the greater good of the people. Everywhere we go where ever we are we intend to live by this value.
It’s in the light of that value Ashewa increasingly expanding its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts and prioritizes building a positive social and environmental impact into its business model. Ashewa takes pride in taking the initiative to help underprivileged communities and support social movements for positive impact. Among these are,

Blood Donation

Our company kept its promise and show its heartfelt support for Ethiopian national defence force (ENDF) and victims of the war by donating blood in collaboration with Ethiopian red cross-society.

Genan Kewegene Gar

This movement has started to support displaced people, because of the war in the northern parts of Ethiopia. Our team has spent and celebrated the holiday with the people and provides food aid in Shewa robit, a town that served a shelter for a thousand of displaced people at the time.

Hope for Ethiopia

Hope for Ethiopia is a social media movement to empower and support our generation for a better hope of our country. And ashewa as a company that envisions a dream for most people and especially for the youth, we happily take part in the movement and support their cause.

I’m the Solution

This is the time for us to take ownership of our problems and come up with the solution ourselves. This is not the time to look for a saviour or a solution outside of ourselves. I’m the solution is a mind-set every Ethiopian as well as African needs to cultivate for a prosperous future, But more than that it’s a movement for youths and young generations to have a problem solving, critical thinking and technology-savvy attitude in any circumstance.